Upholstery Cleaning - A Complete Guide

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Upholstery Cleaning - A Complete Guide

You know when guests come in, what they notice firsthand. Yes, you guessed it right. It's your furniture. So all you require to focus on is making your furniture look the best. With professional upholstery cleaners Singapore, you can maintain an undeniably beautiful look of your furniture for a long time.

We know that every home has furniture, primarily chairs, sofas, cushions, and beds. All of this needs to be properly maintained and cleaned to ensure a healthy environment. To achieve this goal of a properly maintained and cleaned home, you need to hire Cleaning Services in Singapore that offers you top-notch cleaning solutions.

In this article, we will deliver all the detail of upholstery cleaning you need to know beforehand.

What Is Upholstery Cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning is a proper method to remove tough stains, dirt, and dust from your furniture fabric. It helps in protecting the fabric and restores the shines that usually gets lost with regular use. When you hire an upholstery cleaners Singapore, they start the service by examining the condition of your furniture, followed by proper washing, cleaning, and grooming. Since the furniture fabric is more delicate and soft, it is handled with proper care, avoiding any chances of damage during the process.

Properly managed upholstery cleaning will allow you to keep your space healthy, where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. If you desire to get your upholstery cleaned, it is better to hire a professional. They have years of experience and are also well equipped with cleaning tools. Besides this, they will make your furniture fabric clean without causing it to lose its elegance and shine.

How Often Should You Clean Your Upholstery?

How oftentimes should I get my upholstery cleaned? Should it be cleaned every month? Do I need to hire cleaning services after every few days? You probably have questions like this in your mind. This is what most people ask when they learn about upholstery cleaning.

The answer to this question is governed by several factors that may include the presence of pets, your kids, your family members, your work location, and so on. So it's very tough to give an exact answer.

If you work in an area with bad air quality, with a lot of dust, grime, and dirt, you obviously need to get the cleaning services quite often. What experts say is that it is better to get the furniture properly cleaned twice a year. If not twice, then at least once a year, you should get vigorous cleaning done to eliminate all the dirt and microorganisms lurking and stuck deep inside.

Importance Of Upholstery Cleaning

Who does not like to have well-maintained furniture that looks beautiful and healthy and feels comfortable? Well, everyone does. This is why a proper upholstery cleaning is done. It removes all the stains and spots from the fabric, allowing you to enjoy your furniture a little longer.

Besides this, it is great for eliminating unnecessary odors and bad smells that usually get trapped in couches. They not only create an unwelcoming atmosphere for the guests but also leave an overall bad impression.

If you don't heed proper cleaning, eventually, all the dirt and debris will get stuck in the fabric, creating complications for you and the family members afterward.

Here are a few points emphasizing the significance of the right upholstery cleaning services.

The Best Way Of Saving Money

Upholstering your furniture is one of the most useful ways of saving money in the long run. You will get a proper cleaning plan, followed by deep sanitizing and cleaning services in the comfort of your home. Besides this, it also eliminates the need to replace furniture every year. Thus you won't have to devalue your furniture, but you can preserve the old furniture and antique pieces for many years to come.

Keeps It Comfortable

Comfort comes above all. By keeping your upholstery properly cleaned and maintaining it, you will be able to get a comfortable res where you can relax and enjoy with your loved ones anytime. Upholstery fabrics are easily prone to tough stains caused by oil stains, food stains, spills, etc. That's why you need to need proper cleaning done. It will maintain your fabric's comfort and beauty by thoroughly cleaning it and keeping all the dirt and unhealthy particles at bay. What else do you ask for? Get the cleaning done and put the stress away.

Maintains The Appearance

Are you tired of ignoring all the stains on your furniture? Do you feel a bad smell coming off the fabric? If yes, then it's probably high time to think of hiring upholstery cleaning services in Singapore.

If you do not pay appropriate attention to cleaning upholstery, the fabric will eventually start to tear off with the visible signs of damage and wear out. Proper cleaning done regularly is the best way of avoiding such issues. Ensuring the best upholstery cleaning, you will get deeply cleaned fabric that will not feel soggy or wet afterward. Also, it will eliminate the risk of getting your furniture ruined, keeping all the colors bright, and above all, increasing its life expectancy.

So better to invest in cleaning and get the overall life of your furniture extended.

Healthy Environment

Keeping your upholstery clean is also a way of creating a healthy home environment. It ensures the area you are taking inside your lungs is free from dirt, dust, and allergens. Studies reveal that trapped dirt, dust, and mold are the significant reasons behind people suffering from respiratory issues. That's because furniture fabrics are breeding grounds for bacteria and microorganisms. If not cleaned and maintained properly, the pathogens can seriously affect your health, causing health deterioration, especially in children and elders.


If you want to achieve the best upholstery cleaning results, it is better to consult a professional. Having proper knowledge of the furniture, fabric type, and cleaning methods will assist you through the whole process. Besides this, they will also have the specialized tools and detergents, so you won't have to spend extra on cleaning products. So, if your furniture looks dull, dirty, and with faded colors, it's better to start your research and find a trustworthy company that offers Cleaning Services in Singapore.