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Post Renovation Cleaning

SB Cleaning understands that post renovation cleaning work is a stressful process for any home or business owner. After renovations you find excessive dust and filth everywhere, sand, plaster, paint spots on the floors; thick layers of dust on all appliances, furniture and windows plague the surroundings. The mess left after renovation poses a new set of problems apart from the fact that it is very unpleasant and frustrating. Instead of enjoying your newly renovated place, you have to worry about the cleaning.

Armed with 20 years of extensive experience, SB cleaning will clean and remove renovation remains leaving your place spotless and sparkling clean. We ensure to clear, clean and sanitize everything throughout. At the end of the renovation clean, finding your place in pristine condition, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your newly refurbished place.

Our staff is highly committed and dependable.

When it comes to cleaning your commercial property or residence, SB cleaning has been very consistent in providing excellent and superb service quality.