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We understand how necessary it is to keep data centres and mission critical environments clean as they are the nerve centres of your business. Data Centres are supposed to be reliable and provide peak performance without fail. Down times would affect your productivity and lead to loss of work and revenue. Our highly trained cleaning technicians take utmost care while handling your data centre equipment, and all of our work is backed with multiple years of experience.

By cleaning all the dust and dirt that has accumulated over the years, system performance and efficiency is increased. While cleaning, our crew carefully handles all the wires, Cables, plugs, electrical joints etc. to uphold the operational integrity of your data centre. Our staff is well aware of the precautions that must be employed in an active data center environment during regular cleanings.

Whether you are in need of an initial cleaning and/or a scalable maintenance program, SB cleaning has the professionals to gauge your cleaning needs and suggest a proper scheduled cleaning program that suits your specific cleaning requirements. SB cleaning ensures that there will be no interruption to your equipment and/or your data center operation at any time during the cleaning process.