Post Renovation Cleaning

SB Cleaning understands that post renovation cleaning work is a stressful process for any home or business owner. After renovations you find excessive dust and filth everywhere, sand, plaster, paint spots on the floors; thick layers of dust on all appliances, furniture and windows plague the surroundings. The mess left after renovation poses a new set of problems apart from the fact that it is very unpleasant and frustrating. Instead of enjoying your newly renovated place, you have to worry about the cleaning.

Armed with 20 years of extensive experience, SB cleaning will clean and remove renovation remains leaving your place spotless and sparkling clean. We ensure to clear, clean and sanitize everything throughout. At the end of the renovation clean, finding your place in pristine condition, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your newly refurbished place.

Our staff is highly committed and dependable.

When it comes to cleaning your commercial property or residence, SB cleaning has been very consistent in providing excellent and superb service quality.

Data Centre Maintenance

We understand how necessary it is to keep data centres and mission critical environments clean as they are the nerve centres of your business. Data Centres are supposed to be reliable and provide peak performance without fail. Down times would affect your productivity and lead to loss of work and revenue. Our highly trained cleaning technicians take utmost care while handling your data centre equipment, and all of our work is backed with multiple years of experience.

By cleaning all the dust and dirt that has accumulated over the years, system performance and efficiency is increased. While cleaning, our crew carefully handles all the wires, Cables, plugs, electrical joints etc. to uphold the operational integrity of your data centre. Our staff is well aware of the precautions that must be employed in an active data center environment during regular cleanings.

Whether you are in need of an initial cleaning and/or a scalable maintenance program, SB cleaning has the professionals to gauge your cleaning needs and suggest a proper scheduled cleaning program that suits your specific cleaning requirements. SB cleaning ensures that there will be no interruption to your equipment and/or your data center operation at any time during the cleaning process.

Vinyl / Parquet & Marble Floor Maintenance

Parquet & Vinyl flooring is decorative, durable and relatively easy to maintain. Both parquet and vinyl flooring have a comfortable underfoot touch and are warmer than tile floorings. Hardwood floors are highly durable, but require regular maintenance and cleaning. Using the wrong cleaner could discolor or stain hardwood floors. Your wood floor will need periodic maintenance to keep it looking its best and preserve its life expectancy. Every year, you’ll need to reseal the wood to protect it from the elements. Scratches and other blemishes will also accumulate with time. When this occurs, stripping, sanding, and refinishing can work miracles for a wood floor.

When the time comes to refinish or wax the floor, SB cleaning will help you to decide what type of refinish needs to be done. Cleaning and waxing your parquet/vinyl floor will keep it looking appealing and enhance the beauty of your home. It is important to engage professional parquet/Vinyl flooring maintenance company to benefit from their experience and knowledge in wood flooring maintenance, and advice that will help you avoid causing damage to your floor.

Beautifully finished hardwood floors can add unmatched character to any commercial establishment. The old faded surface you remember will be transformed into a warm, rich, shining surface. We are confident you will not find a better value for your money in Singapore in Vinyl and Parquet floor waxing.

Marble floors, shiny and durable, provides a long-lasting alternative to linoleum, ceramic, and wood. However, like all natural stone, marble floor must be cleaned carefully and regularly to prevent staining and erosion. With Deep cleaning and polishing, SB cleaning can bring back the shine, and can remove tough stains with a poultice. It is important that the cleaning solution used on marble be pH neutral. SB cleaning ensures to use the gentlest solutions possible to clean marble floors.

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Mattress Cleaning

A Complete Mattress Cleaning For Your Complete Sleep

Singapore is an Eco-friendly environmental city where health and hygiene highly matters. Cleanliness is the core matter of success in every place and in everything. Only a good sleep can promise an optimistic day and strong mood to do all the work on that particular day. Everyone knows that if a single day sleep gets spoiled, it will be reflected for many days. A good sleep is must for a healthy living and a good mattress is must for a good sleep. If one needs to get a good sleep obviously he or she needs a quality mattress. Buying such mattress is only a half done work. Only the maintenance and cleaning determine the healthy sleep of the particular one. By providing your mattress with a new life you can get a new breathing. Don’t you agree that? You need to search for a local mattress cleaning company in order to be flexible with your time schedule. We, SB Cleaning Service can provide you with the right service in accordance with the type of your mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Company Singapore

SB Cleaning Services is a successful and a leading mattress cleaning Company in Singapore. We will arrive at your location as soon as you let us know that you are in need of cleaning services. We provide all these services for your convenience at the most possible manner.Cleaning the bed sheets and the pillow is not enough but only when one cleans the mattress, it denotes the complete cleaning. Cleaning mattress in Singapore is made easy with our provision. Apart from providing a good sleep, a cleansed mattress can assure the users of hygienic living. As the elders at home cannot take the risk on the health of the children and other members of the house, we cannot take a risk in the health of our customers. Our success lies in your well being. Keep in touch with our service and get a deep sleep with the cleansed mattress.

Carpet Installation

When it comes to the installation and maintenance of carpet, SB carpet cleaning team is the specialist. Carpet installation should be well planned with accurate measurements, correct seam placement with transitions and detail areas requiring special considerations, such as unusual room shapes, file cabinets, borders, etc. Our skilled professionals bring craftsmanship and artisan skill to your carpet installation.

Ensuring delightful results from similar resembling patterns and proportionate seams to a top notch clean-up, our installers pay keen attention to each detail.

The installation team assigned to undertake carpet installation is skilfully trained and possess unmatched years of experience. Special flexible options are available for office installation to avoid work halts or disruptions.

Our professionals are experts who will ensure that your carpet fits your —office space and framework, all at a price that can’t be challenged in Singapore.

Kindly ensure that any floor damage that has been done by termites, rodents, water, or other problems should be repaired prior to carpet installation.

Any Time Anywhere Carpet Installation Services in Singapore

Our cleaning services can be performed to suit your own requirements.

Upholstery Cleaning

Reasonably Priced, Professional Upholstery Cleaners In Singapore

People those who live in Singapore are highly hygienic and they want to maintain their place neat and clean always. Even though one cannot prevent a place or a thing from getting polluted or spoiled, everyone can prevent the effects such as health issues, and other cleanliness related issues. People in Singapore tend to host a lot of visitors if they are not professionals. If they are commercial people for sure their upholstered furniture gets polluted. Apart from this, the percentage of the upholstery things getting spoiled is really high because for the kids and pets. We cannot leave it like that with dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, stains, and blemishes because they can cause serious health problems if they are not cleaned properly. Upholstery Cleaners in Singapore is an important thing no matter whether it is living apartment or a workstation.

Cleaners Upholstery Singapore

Upholstery Cleaners Singapore company SB Cleaning Services Pte Ltd, provide you with the upholstery cleaning which will extend the life of your furniture and this can help you and your surroundings to be safe and healthy. We have a team of professional upholstery cleaners in Singapore who can be at your place on time once you let us know of your need. We can refresh and clean the furniture which can bring a new liveliness to your living place. We assure all our customers a quick and standardized process which enables you to reuse your furniture as soon as possible. We never compromise in satisfying our customers with our service.

We are equipped with latest cleaners that can clean even the deepest stain. You need not be afraid of getting damages for your furniture because our cleaning process is gentle on the furniture. We never use harsh chemicals in the cleaning process. We make sure that, the techniques we apply is entirely safe to you and to your nearby too. As the soft furnishings in your place might have cost too much, you may be in a worry by thinking that the cleaning services also will cost high. We help you to come out of this worry as we provide all our services at an affordable price. Get your place and your furniture a bright face in the eyes of all your visitors.

Cleaning Services Singapore

Cleaning service in Singapore is not difficult to find

Unlike in the past, it is no longer difficult to find a reliable cleaning service in Singapore these days. In fact, there are many good agencies around these days to help you. They had a huge impact so far and hence, carpet cleaning has eventually become pretty much feasible for everyone in Singapore.

Clean and Tidy Carpets can always have the best impact upon your visitors

How difficult is it to maintain the carpet’s cleanliness on a regular basis? Time is a crucial factor and so is expertise when it comes to cleaning services Singapore. However, most of the people are too engrossed in their daily works and to such an extent that they hardly have time for carpet cleaning.

Also, it is not recommended to even try to clean carpets on your own if you do not have the right amount of time with you. Trying to clean your carpet in a hurry could only distort the material. This is the reason that we need to hire expert cleaning services in Singapore.

Home Carpet Cleaning vs Office Carpet cleaning

The extent to which your carpet may need cleaning actually depends on how often you are using it. While at homes, you do not expect visitors every day, you certainly will have visitors much often at your office. Hence, office carpet needs carpet cleaning more often. However, you can easily find the best cleaning services in Singapore nowadays for both offices and homes.

Factors to bear in mind while choosing a  cleaning service agency

Making the right choice is quite a difficult task unless you really know how to go about it. This pretty much holds true for carpet cleaning as well and if you do not know as of yet as to how to choose a cleaning service in Singapore wisely, here are a few important points that you could bear in mind while choosing one such agency…


Price is certainly an important factor and you can always do a good price comparison among the various cleaning services agencies and select the one that offers its services at the most competitive price.

Range of services

It is always wise to look for an agency that offers a wide range of services for you never know which other services you may need in times to come.

Advanced methods

Compare the cleaning methods and choose an agency that has the most reliable and advanced methods for cleaning.

Flexible timing

Another important thing to look for is if an agency offers flexible timing which means offering you the service at your most desired and convenient timing.


Many cleaning agencies offer live customer support these days and it makes interaction pretty fast and the reason you might need it is that you may have to sometimes postpone a cleaning session or you may have to make some changes in the regular cleaning timing.

Track Record

Do not choose an agency unless you have carefully checked its track record and found it to be reliable enough. Going through the online reviews relating to the service of an agency so far is a great way to finding one’s track record.

Once you are sure an agency fulfills all the above factors well, you can certainly choose it. Hence, choosing a cleaning services agency in Singapore is certainly not difficult anymore and also, you can definitely choose a reliable agency by going about it a little wisely.

Our Approach

  • Preconditioning: We use low foaming pre spray as a pre-treat prior to extraction on heavily soiled carpet and high traffic areas. It won’t affect the dyes and colors of your carpet. Pre spray helps break down and loosen up the general soiling within the pile and textures of the carpet.


  • Scrub: if deemed necessary, Pre spray is brush scrubbed into the carpet to enhance the effect of the spray applied during preconditioning phase.


  • Stains & Spots removal: To remove the spots and stains on your carpet we only use non-toxic and ammonia free products that do not damage or discolour your carpet. We ensure and make every effort to remove any kind of stains.


  • Hot water Extraction/Steam Cleaning: High pressure water solution is applied to the carpet. This rinses the carpet of the pre-spray and all the broken down dirt. It is instantly pulled and absorbed away by powerful vacuum units. Combination of high water pressure for agitation, and hot water to increase reaction rate works wonders on your carpet.


A clean carpet projects that you care about your place and take pride in its appearance.

Schedule an appointment with SB cleaning services Singapore to give your carpet a fresh look and increase its sustainability through years.

SB cleaning professionals are trained to handle even the most delicate and fragile furniture, and our equipment makes clean up a breeze. Rest assured SB cleaning professionals will safely perform your cleaning, and you can sit back and relax.

                                      Your carpet will be clean and fresh!

* Results may vary from carpet to carpet depending upon age of carpet, when it was last cleaned and kind of spots it has.

Office Part Time Cleaners

Part Time Office Cleaning Service Is Offered To Use Time Effectively

Singapore is one of the modernized countries where there is a proper development in all kind of fields. Carpet cleaning industries are also developing. Only a clean place looks beautiful in the eyes of everyone both dwellers and visitors. One needs to be lucky and talented to get the experienced, good trained and skilled team of carpet cleaning part time services in Singapore. This responsibility can be accomplished easily if you become a member of the list of our customers.

We, SB Cleaning services will be your solution when you are in search of such office cleaner part time in Singapore. Finding these types of cleaners is the right solution in this fast marched environment. People don’t have sufficient time as they ought to concentrate on too many things in this present scenario. Understating your timelessness, we provide part time office cleaner Singapore. Our team will be at your assistance when you are available. This can save your time and that of our workers too. We clean your carpets in the best way we can and four sure it is beyond your prospect.

Carpet Cleaner Part Time in Singapore

We offer office cleaner part time in Singapore as we understand your concern about maintaining the carpet clean. The workers in our company are with vitality and no matter how much your residential and commercial place is spoiled they can do wonders with their cleaning service. They are always motivated to perform with efficiency. All our team members will be available anywhere at any time in and around Singapore. We want our customers to enjoy being in good and hygienic carpets. We provide you with these services at a better price. You can check the reviews and get the appointment. We assure you to provide 100 percentage satisfying services. Make your best decision by selecting our service for your cleaning purpose.