How to Clean a Mattress?

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How to Clean a Mattress?

Everyone insists on getting good sleep at night. It is essential to keep us healthy and ready for the challenges of the next day. It gives both physical and mental rest that everyone badly needs. There are even sleep clinics for those who are unable to get a good night's sleep. There have been many studies done on the necessity of sleep. People buy the best mattresses that will allow them to get good sleep at night. You will find many variety that will support your body in the best way so that you are not disturbed during sleep. They also help you wake up fresh and face the challenges of the day. But you must be kept it clean and this requires the services of a mattress cleaning company in Singapore.

Cleaning the Mattress Is Essential For Good Health 

Many people don't think about cleaning too often. But this could be the worst mistake that someone is making. Your mattress could become very dangerous for your health in a short time. You spend almost a third of your life on the bed. This means that you spend many hours on the bed every day. All human beings are shedding dead skin regularly. It is estimated that we shed about 1.5 gm of dead skin cells every day. This is enough to feed a million dust mites.

Dust mites like the warm atmosphere of our bed when we are on it. These bugs are the reason for a lot of allergic illnesses. Moreover, the presence of dust and your body fluids make your mattress the best breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms. These are enough to spoil your health. When you are in bed you must be breathing the air that contains the dust and the organisms. Unless you clean it regularly you will never get rid of the diseases these germs cause.

The Difficulties with Cleaning The Mattresses At Home 

Many may wonder why you should avail of the services of companies cleaning mattresses in Singapore when you can do it at home. But this is where most people make the mistake. You can never properly clean it at home in a way that you can get rid of dust mites, and bacteria. It might even be that some of your cleaning methods are damaging your mattresses and reducing their life. When you buy expensive mattresses, you expect them to last a long time. But your wrong cleaning methods could damage them sooner.

The first mistake many people make is to clean the mattress with water. As soon as you see a beverage spill, which is very common in homes with children, you rush to wash away the stain before it becomes permanent. Washing the mattress even in a small area can permanently damage the mattresses. Most mattress manufacturers warn against wetting the mattress.

Beating the mattress is a method that is used in many homes. This doesn't do anything to clean it. The dust rises and settles back on them. The dust mites don't get removed with this process. Even if the dust is removed the dust mites and the bacteria remain on the mattress. Using a normal vacuum cleaner that you use for other purposes will not remove the dust mites because it cannot reach deep enough.

Steaming the mattresses is another wrong method that many people may use. Steam cleaners are not good enough to kill the bacteria on your mattresses. Moreover, the moisture that this method will leave is enough for your mattresses to be infested with mildew and molds. Sleeping on such a mattress can do you more harm.

Employ the Services of A Mattress Cleaning Company In Singapore 

The best way to keep your mattress clean is to get professionals for the job. There is no doubt that you should keep the mattress cleaned regularly if you want to have a good sleep and remain healthy. You cannot allow the germs on your beds to prevent you from doing your daily routine. Professional cleaning companies can do the job very well. They are well equipped for the job and have trained people for it.

The cleaning companies don't use any wet methods for cleaning the mattresses. They use the dry encapsulation method which will kill all the bacteria and germs. This method will also ensure that there is no residue left on the mattress to regenerate. It will completely remove the dust mites and keep them safe for you. They will use safe chemicals to remove the stains from them and ensure that the area is dried immediately without allowing mold or mildew to grow. They will leave the mattresses dry and fresh for you to get a good sleep.

Professional cleaning companies will use only non-toxic chemicals which will not cause any discomfort for you or your family members. Once the cleaning is done, it is even safe for your children to sleep on the bed. These companies have trained people who will visit your homes and perform the job in a very short time. These companies offer their services at very affordable prices which will allow you to employ them.