How Often Should Carpets At Your Workplace Be Cleaned?


Whether you are a showroom, restaurant, or office space, the appearance of your office matters the most. When a client or customer walks into your showroom or office, the first thing they notice is how clean and organized your workplace is. And the carpet is the one thing that will make or destroy your reputation in seconds.

If the carpet at your workplace is dirty or worn out, your client and customers will immediately assume that you are not responsible and they will not trust you. So, in our opinion having clean carpets is as important for your business as providing quality services.

Now the question arises how often should you get your carpets cleaned??

Well, the answer to this question depends on various factors. Let’s have a look at those factors first……

Factors That Influence Carpet Cleaning

A common perception is that a carpet should be deep cleaned only once or twice a year. Other than that, simple vacuuming would be enough. However, carpets accumulate dust, germs, and allergens pretty quickly. And if not cleaned timely, they can turn into a serious health hazard for you. So, carpets must be cleaned timely and regularly. But, how regularly or frequently depends on various factors like foot traffic, colour and type of carpets, usage, and weather conditions in your area.

1. What is the Foot Traffic at Your Office Space?

The first thing that determines the frequency of your carpet cleaning in Singapore is foot traffic. more the more feet are coming into your workplace, the more should be the frequency of your carpet cleaning services. So, if you are in a showroom, restaurant, or hospital, you need to get your workplace cleaned every two weeks.

However, that does not mean should get your entire hospital, restaurant, or showroom cleaned twice a month. The lobby or reception area of your workplace would be receiving more foot traffic than the inner office area. So, obviously, your lobby and reception should be cleaned more frequently and you can increase the cleaning routine for other parts of your workplace.

2. What is the Colour of your Carpets?

The next thing that affects the number of carpet cleaning services you have at your office is the colour and type of your carpets. Obviously, light-coloured carpets get dirty pretty quickly and they would need cleaning more often in comparison with dark coloured carpets.

Similarly, high pile carpets like shag and plush carpets get dirty more quickly because they have longer fibers. And as longer fibers accumulate dirt more easily, cleaning them also takes a lot of time and effort. Vacuuming carpets every day would not be enough and you will need carpet cleaning service at least every two weeks.

3. What is the type of Office Space?

The type of office space also plays a vital role in determining how often you should have office carpets cleaned. Apart from foot traffic, you should also consider the type of office space or building in which you have your office.

If your workplace has an open space, it is more prone to accumulating dirt. Closed or centrally air-conditioned offices, however, don’t get dirty more often as the windows and doors are mostly closed and dust and dirt particles fail to enter the office premises.

4. Seasonal Requirement

Now that you know the foot traffic in your office, the type and colour of your carpet and the type of your workspace determine how often your office carpet should be cleaned; here is another factor that affects the frequency of carpet cleaning at your workplace.

Rainy weather seems to affect the carpet cleaning routine the most. You will have to vacuum more often and spot cleaning might also increase because of muddy foots entering your office. Experts recommend you should get your office carpets deep cleaned after every rainy season.

5. COVID-19 Protocols

Lastly, covid-19 has completely changed the way we live. May it be going out on dinner or completely your day-to-day tasks, there are a lot of safety protocols that we need to follow in order to stay safe. Similarly, government and authorities have some strict carpet cleaning regulations because carpets if not cleaned regularly, can become a home to germs and viruses.

So, you need to follow the government guidelines and if there is a covid-19 case in your office, you will be required to disinfect and deep clean your carpets immediately.

We hope now you know how to determine what should be the deep cleaning frequency of your workplace carpets. So, now it’s time to get rid of your part time office cleaner Singapore and hire professional carpet cleaning services.

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