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Home Remedies for Cleaning Carpets and Stains

Stains find their way onto the carpet because it just happens. When it happens, the best thing you can do to save your expensive rug and get rid of stains is to act fast and know what to do. This means you have to rely on yourself and use regular household products.

Do you know if you use the right product in the right ratio and combination, it will work? But what natural remedies can we use to get rid of stubborn stains? In this blog, we have curated the effective home remedies that will be effective for carpet stains.

Importance of carpets

If you can put a nice carpet on the floor, it will make your abode more luxurious with a royal look. With numerous varieties, you can have different designs for different rooms. It also works as a cover for your floor. But it is also important to do the carpet cleaning. Otherwise, the royal look won’t last long. You could easily call carpet cleaning services, which is a fine choice. But to cut your costs, here are some tips for cleaning services you can take care of yourself.

Natural remedies for cleaning your carpet

Baking Soda

Other than making your food tasty, baking soda has other capabilities as well. Carpet cleaning is one of them.


Yes, apart from cleaning your clothes, you can use detergent to clean carpet stains.


White vinegar could also be applied only with water as well. It also keeps the bad smell away from the carpet.

Corn flour

Shocked, aren’t you? But true. Corn flour is very useful in cleaning your carpet. It is more likely a dry wash solution. It works better if it can be used immediately.

Club soda

If you are worried about watermarks from wine or drinks or tea or coffee, club soda will be the best solution to get rid of that stain. It is also one of the easiest and time-saving procedures.

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Other remedies

All of the above-mentioned remedies can be used to get the most effective results. But in some harder stains, you could use these other natural methods as well.