Common carpet cleaning mistakes that you must avoid – The right time to clean your mattress


If you want to live a classy and comfortable life in Singapore, covering your floors with carpets should be your top-most priority. But, while cleaning carpets at home, most make some common mistakes that can damage the shine of your carpet. Though we recommend you to hire the best carpet cleaning company Singapore, still you should be aware of the mistakes while going for DIY carpet cleaning.

5 common carpet cleaning mistakes that you must avoid

Not cleaning your carpets regularly
Dust and debris can accumulate in your carpet very easily and that is why it is strongly advised to clean your carpets regularly. The accumulated dust and debris work as an abrasive material that will gradually damage the fabrics of your carpet. Vacuuming your carpet daily without a gap is the most effective way to clean. Read also: 5 Tips to Find a Genuine Carpet Cleaning Company in Singapore
Too much scrubbing
Whenever we notice a stain on the carpet, we try to remove it by scrubbing. Excessive scrubbing can damage the fiber and decrease the lifespan of your carpet. Moreover, if you do excessive scrubbing, the stain might go away, but it will also discolor your carpets.
Test the cleaning products first
If you fail to mix the cleaning products accurately or if you buy the wrong material, it can cause permanent damage to your carpet. So, we advise you to test the solution at a smaller area of your carpet or on the backside before applying.
Not washing the spots immediately
The carpets can absorb fluids faster, so if you don't clean the spill immediately, it will sit on your carpet, damaging the look and the quality. When you notice a spill, do the following:
Ignore deep cleaning
Even if you use a vacuum to clean your carpets each day, that is not enough to get 100% cleaning. That is why after every 3-6 months, you need to hand your carpets over to the professional carpet cleaners in Singapore. Read Also:How To Spend Time In Singapore During A Lockdown Situation? They have all the necessary equipment and trained staff who know how to remove the dirt and stains from deep within.
Know the right time to clean your mattres
Like, carpet cleaning, cleaning mattress regularly has no alternatives. If you use your mattress for a long time without conducting a thorough wash, you are just welcoming the harmful bacteria and dust mites to live and thrive on it. From time to time, you need to turn to a mattress cleaning company Singapore to ensure proper and deep cleaning. You cannot just turn a blind to whatever living or breeding in your mattress, especially if you have small kids in your house. So, try to get professional mattress cleaning services after every 6-8 months.