All you need to know about green carpet cleaning Singapore: The best way to disinfect and sanitize your carpets


All you need to know about green carpet cleaning Singapore: The best way to disinfect and sanitize your carpets

Green carpet cleaning is no different than regular carpet cleaning, but an eco-friendly way. The products that are used in green carpet cleaning services in Singapore are highly effective and less toxic.

There are different types of germs thrive and breed on the dirty carpets and they can cause the following health problems.

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• The virus causes common colds, warts, flu, smallpox and several other diseases

• Bacteria causes an ear infection, diarrhea, tuberculosis, and whooping cough

• Fungi cause common skin infections like skin rashes, ringworm and athlete's foot

Green carpet cleaning

In traditional carpet cleaning, soap and detergent are the two most common ingredients, but some of them contain harsh and toxic chemicals. The green carpet cleaning procedure has eliminated the need for such toxic materials and uses only eco-friendly measures.

Green carpet cleaning services Singapore doesn't only get rid of the stains effectively but also contributes to your family's well being.

Here's how green carpet cleaning can make a big difference

• Even if you use top quality soap or detergents with hot water, there will be sticky residues left on the carpet. These residues will make your carpets even dirtier, making it a breeding ground for dust mites and several other types of bacteria. Green carpet cleaning doesn't follow any traditional method, but use advanced technology that provides deep cleaning to clear of all the residues. Sticky residues attract more dirt, so after a green carpet cleaning, the problem will be eliminated.

• The traditional carpet cleaning method uses harsh chemicals that may cause different types of skin irritation and skin diseases. Apart from that, the dirt and germs will mix in the air to cause respiratory problems, headaches, and dizziness. Besides, if you use harsh chemicals, the drying time will be increased, so is the growth of harmful bacteria. On the other hand, the green carpet cleaning procedure uses hypo-allergic and safe cleanser that doesn't affect human or animal skin.

• The traditional carpet cleaning method can damage the environment as well. You must have been wondering how that happens, right? Well, after the cleaning process, the harmful chemicals are drained, which mixes with soil and groundwater and contaminate it. The green cleaning method goes for environment-friendly natural solutions, which are bio-degradable and don't harm the environment.

Are there any differences between carpet cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting?

Though they sound like the same, there are differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your carpets or rugs.

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• Cleaning is done using water with soaps and detergents

• The process doesn't kill germs

• The process only cleans the surface of the carpet

• Reduces the spread of infection

• Removes molds, irritants, and dust


• Uses chemical products like the steam mob or dishwasher

• Kill germs, but not entirely


• Uses chemical that kills most of the germs and harmful bacteria

• Cannot be applied to the carpets directly