5 Things Cleaning Companies Won't Tell You

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5 Things Cleaning Companies Won't Tell You

Do you have a cleaning project in mind for your residential and commercial property? If yes, you should hire the right cleaning service company amongst the glut in the market. But it is always difficult to trust a particular cleaning service company, as all small to large level companies will assure you to provide quality cleaning solutions for your home, office, shop, and other commercial properties under the budget.

Apart from that, you will also get some potential things, which will be kept hidden by cleaning service providers or would not tell in advance. Those things may also surprise you during the cleaning process, and that will surely go out of your mind and budget too.

Cleaning Companies Don't Tell You These 5 Things

Here are five significant things that cleaning service companies do not tell you when you hire cleaning services from them.

Hiding Taxes and Charges in Estimated Prices

Most of the cleaning service companies do not include hidden taxes or fees in the estimated prices of the whole cleaning project. However, they get bonded you in the genuine contract first, which will make you bound to pay the amount fixed by the company in the contract. If the cleaning session takes longer or goes longer, the company may add additional fees and service costs that will go beyond the cleaning services estimated prices set before starting the procedure. Thus, the cleaning service agencies will make you unaware of hidden costs or fees that are exempted or applied during the cleaning process. And you will have to pay for them in the end because the contract binds you.

Manipulating Things According to Them

There are many cleaning service companies in the market, which have their own set of rules and areas to be cleaned in a residential or commercial property. They will not go beyond their boundaries, but will enforce customers to follow their guidelines or criteria for cleaning services set by them. So, if you want to get cleaning services from that company, you will have to agree with its checklist or tips after cleaning services that you have to follow without any further questions; otherwise, go elsewhere.

Asking for Cleaning Equipment from You

Some cleaning service companies may ask you to arrange the cleaning equipment or supplies yourself to start the cleaning process. Hence, you will be surprised to have such policies at many local cleaning service agencies in the market, too. But, such firms will not make you aware of such things before signing the contract. Once you finish the contractual process, you will be asked to arrange cleaning equipment like buckets, vacuums, brooms, mops, etc., at your end to pursue the cleaning project.

Using Low Quality Cleaning Products that Have Side-effects

The cleaning service companies may also use low quality cleaning products, which are made of harmful chemicals and other elements, which may clear dark spots, blemishes, and spots on the floor, carpet, furniture, etc., in your home instantly, but gradually they start decaying the items due to regular uses. You will never have assumed such results later on after some days or months, but if such things are coming, it means the cleaning service company has used low-quality cleaning products at the processing time.

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Untrained Cleaning Staff Having Little Experience

There are some cleaning service agencies in the market that have government approval and genuine registration numbers to operate in the industry. But, they do not have cleaning service experts in-house to serve you. The company might have a brand image in the industry, but its cleaning personnel is not up to mark or aware of the latest technology equipment used for cleaning works at residential and commercial properties. Thus, you will not be told about the level of cleaning professionals in the company and their cleaning specializations at the start phase or before signing the contract.

Thus, the above are five massive things that the cleaning service companies would not tell you in advance and will keep you in the dark to follow their set of rules only.