How to spend time in Singapore during a lockdown situation?


Unlike many other countries around the world, Singapore has managed to keep the minimum of the number when it comes to the corona virus outbreak. The nation has learned its lesson from the SARS outbreak in 2002-2003 when it didn’t have enough infrastructures to stop an outbreak of such kind. But, still, like almost every country in the world, people of Singapore are going through partial lockdown. Though it is necessary to prevent the coming disaster before it comes closer to your doorstep, you may feel bored during the lockdown period. There are certain things you can do to entertain yourself, so why not pick up a day to clean your carpets. Due to our busy lives, we don’t get the opportunity to indulge in a house cleaning with other members of the family. Through professional carpet cleaning would be the best option, but here in this article, we are going to show you how you can proceed with DIY carpet cleaning.

DIY carpet cleaning tips

Though it may go unnoticed at its initial phase, but once the dust and dirt start to gather up in your carpet, it becomes harder to hide due to the fading color and the smell. Now you don’t have to own a steam cleaner or it isn’t even necessary to rent one as they are too pricy, you can always clean your carpets by hand.

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Most of the carpets cleaning materials are available at our home, but we don’t know how to use them for this particular job. Here all you are going to need is a bit of time, which you will have as its lockdown and strong hands and your carpets will be as good as new.

Use carpet brush

Using carpet brush is the most efficient option to get rid of soil, dust and other pollutants from the carpet. You will have to get on your knees and with some elbow grease; you will scrub and agitate the carpet. After the procedure is done with, you might want to vacuum the entire area to pick up the loose dirt and pollutants or they will mount up on the carpet again. You must run the process once in a week to prevent the dirt from gathering up on your expensive carpets.

Use vinegar to clean the carpet

 If it’s not possible for you to get the steam cleaning, you can always use vinegar to clean your carpets and let go of the odd smell. All you are going to need is a bucket and a scrub brush with some white vinegar.

Use ¼ cup of white vinegar and mix it well with warm water in a bucket, then scrub the entire surface thoroughly. After the process is done, you can use a vacuum cleaner or the ceiling fan to dry off the carpet quickly.

Baking soda solution

Baking soda is nothing less than a miracle product as it can be used in everything, from cooking food to cleaning the carpets and it can make you as good as a professional carpet cleaner. Baking soda can be found in every household and it’s not expensive at all. Besides, baking soda is environment friendly that can be used to clean off the stains and the foul odor of the carpet.

The procedure is very easy as you just have to sprinkle some baking soda in the carpet and let it sit for a while. After 10-12 minutes, use a scrubber or a wet soft cloth or towel to clean the area, but remember, you must rinse the cloth or the towel first before using them.